Oxfordshire Upholstery Cleaning

How we clean your upholstery

It is always sensible to take advantage of our free quote service when you are looking to get your upholstery cleaned. There are hundreds of fabrics in the market at the moment, many consisting of a combination of fibres, some of which can be tricky to clean. Fabrics such as linen, viscose-rayon, and silk, pose problems and can be ruined if cleaned incorrectly. During our free quote we can inspect the items in question and the level of soiling and will advise you on how effective the clean will be and how the furniture will look once dry. 

A Clearbrook upholstery clean will consist of a number of stages including a thorough vacuum, testing a hidden piece of fabric to ensure that colours do not run and there is no shrinkage, a two-part general clean, followed by any necessary stain removals. Special attention is taken to areas of higher soiling, usually arms, seats and top of headrests.

Where possible, fans are used to speed up the drying process. Stain protection is applied if requested. Fabrics with a nap are groomed to ensure a fantastic finish.

All jobs vary so we are happy to come and cost up your specific cleaning needs. Our quotes carry no obligation.

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