Oxfordshire Stain Removal

How we remove Stains

There are a multitude of different types of stains. Combine these with the many types of fabric and fibres found in the home these days, stain removals can be difficult to carry out successfully. There is no such thing as a single product that removes all stains, many shop-bought products that make this claim contain a combination of chemicals that can damage fibres and even fix a stain into the carpet or fabric.

Red wine stain removal

Red wine stain before and after

At Clearbrook we will assess the stain and fabric, giving you an honest opinion of how likely it will be that the stain can be removed and how the area will look afterwards. We will then apply the most suited product and cleaning process for that particular stain and fabric combination to ensure the best results.

Some stains are caused by illness and cannot be helped - these will be treated with complete discretion. We have experienced most eventualities over the years and will ensure to remove the staining and sanitise the area with the least amount of disruption.

All jobs vary so we are happy to come and cost up your specific cleaning needs. Our quotes carry no obligation.

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Radiator stain beforeRadiator stain before
Area afterRadiator stain after
Office carpet beforeOffice carpet before cleaning
Office carpet afterOffice carpet after cleaning