Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning

How we clean your carpets

Our carpet cleaning service starts with a free quote during which we will visit and inspect the carpet, discuss the moving of furniture and offer advice on any worrying stains.

There are many different types of carpet consisting of a variety of fibres, construction, and backings. We always use the most suitable cleaning products and methods for your particular carpet and the type of soiling present.

Our carpet cleaning process consists of a number of stages including the moving of furniture, vacuuming, cleaning, stain removing and applying protection if requested. Specialist fans are used where possible to help speed up drying, as a guide a tufted woolen carpet should take 2- 3 hours to feel dry.

Most of our general carpet cleaning products are bio-degradable and will not leave any soil attracting residues in the carpet after the clean. If specialist products are needed for tough stains, they are rinsed out afterwards.

An environmentally friendly Green Carpet Cleaning option is available, this is worth considering for people who suffer from allergies. Please ask us for further details.

All jobs vary so we are happy to come and cost up your specific cleaning needs. Our quotes carry no obligation.

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